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Rose Gold/Copper/Brass Knobs

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Rose Gold, Copper, Brass Door Knobs

Transform your home today with our wide range of unique door knobs available here at Knobbles & Bobbles. We have a door knob or handle for every room, style and preference. We stock fun, animal-themed door knobs perfect for children's bedrooms and nurseries, along with more rustic designs perfect if you're trying to create a timeless or classical atmosphere in your household. 

We suggest brass and Copper Knobs with rounder shapes and vintage patterns for a more ancient, prestigious feel. Rose gold is a perfect option for anyone wanting to add some colour to their home, with the rosy undertones bringing style, elegance and affluence to your interior. 

Bring Your House to Life With Our Gold, Copper & Brass Knobs

Decorating your interior with Copper Knobs, the metal of love, is a great way to add chestnut tones to your living area, Copper goes great with other metals and is a fabulous way to bring out the golds, reds and browns in any interior design.  

Blending seamlessly with wood and stone, Copper is a great way to bring red accents into your home, Copper doorknobs are in fashion, fitting perfectly into both retro and modern living interiors. Bless your home with gold and orange hues today with Copper Knobs

The gold element of our rose gold door knobs is a great way to add a sense of luxury and wealth to your household, whereas the rose element's softer hues make the colour perfect for the bedroom with its connotations of romance and composure.

Rose gold compliments a wide array of colours including blues, reds, purples, whites and browns, making it a suitable choice for almost any colour palette. We think that your rose gold door knobs will fit perfectly in neutral environments as the material balances well with wooden tones. 

Our brass door knobs are the perfect choice when creating a luxurious atmosphere in your living space, in order to get the most out of your door knobs, use them in rooms which highlight leathers and marble for maximum effect. 

Brass work best with bold colours like emeralds and turquoise, even a cold grey can really make your brass door knob pop. 

Shop our wide range of door knobs now and receive free delivery on orders over £60, transform your home with our handmade door knobs with fast shipping from our UK warehouse. 

We have options for every occasion, with various styles, shapes and sizes on offer, we understand that when it comes to interior design, every detail counts. Impress your visitors today by shopping with Knobbles & Bobbles.