Room Door Knobs (Mortice)

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Mortice Door Knobs

Looking for high quality, hand painted ceramic mortice door knobs for your rooms? With loads of designs and styles to choose from, we have got something for ever kind of decor idea you have in mind.

Our floral mortice door knobs can make an elegant addition to your living room, kitchen or bedroom doors. If you’re looking for a bold and luxurious kind of look, then you’ll love our glass mortice knobs. We’ve even got a range of metallic finishes that can bring together the whole look of your room.

With so many colours, styles and designs to take your pick from, have a browse of our mortice knob collection, select your favourites and click to buy - you’ll be one step closer to achieving your decor goals. You’re only a couple of clicks away from getting your own ceramic knobs!

All of our ceramic door knobs are hand painted and dispatched from the UK.