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Knobs by Colour


Coloured Door Handles 

Whether you're looking for new interior design ideas or are trying to match your current decor, we've grouped our door knobs together for your ease.

White and cream-coloured door knobs are great for adding a minimalist touch to your decor. Blacks, whites and greys can also bring boldness to your doors. There's a doorknob colour for whatever sort of interior style you're going for.

Browse all of our ceramic knobs, as well as our brass and copper ranges by colour. If you're looking for inspiration, you can view all of our colours or if you have a specific colour for your next copper knob or ceramic door knob in mind, then take a look at our colour shade ranges below.

Simply browse our colour range of knobs, choose how many you want, and that's it! You'll be one step closer to adding a unique touch to your room.

Vintage Coloured Door Knobs

Here at Knobbles & Bobbles there is a door knob for every occasion, we have a wide variety of different colours available, ensuring that there is an option for every household. All of our door knobs are handmade entirely, providing you with a high-quality, unique product. 

If you’re looking to create an energized space within your home, lean towards colours like red, orange and yellow, to add a warm vibe to the room you’re decorating. To create the opposite atmosphere, blue, green and purple door knobs are a great way to present a quiet, relaxing vibe to your household. 

If you have lots of white or brown already present in your household’s interior, why not opt for a yellow or purple selection of door knobs to complement the neutral tones already existing in your home. 

As well as colours we also stock a variety of different materials such as Gold, Glass, Bronze & Copper. An excellent way to create a rustic feel in more antique-styled homes. A door knob may feel like a small change to make, but it’s the smaller details that can make the most difference in the biggest picture. 

Whatever the overall goal may be, Knobbles & Bobbles has a wide range of door knobs, donning various different colours and patterns all unique from one another, we can ensure that there is an option for every aesthetic. 

We also offer free delivery, along with fast UK dispatch on orders over £60, so shop Knobbles & Bobbles today and transform your home with style and elegance!