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Handmade Hooks

Here at Knobbles and Bobbles, we stock a wide selection of bespoke, handmade hooks, each hook is created uniquely, meaning that no other household will have the same hook design as your own.

We understand just how important the small details are when it comes to interior design in your home. Our handmade range of bespoke hooks are perfect for hanging items like coats and bags on the back of doors, these hooks are even decorated with our signature door knob designs. 

Complete your interior design today by considering the smaller details, like hooks! Our wide variety of products ensures that you'll find a hook to match your desired design and colour palette. Shop our hooks now and get free shipping on orders over £60!


Door Hooks & Twist Hooks

The hooks stocked here at Knobbles & Bobbles are available in a variety of designs, colours and styles, our door and twist hooks are both stylish and functional. Whether you are going for a shabby chic look, or something more elegant, we have a style of hook to accommodate for every taste.


Our bespoke hook designs will complete your interior design inspiration, leaving your doors looking trendy and ready to hang your clothes and bags, helping you eliminate clutter, and keeping your house as clean and tidy as possible.


Our metallic finish hooks are a great way to add a regal touch to your decor, whilst our ceramic hooks, which come in various designs, can complement elegant or more eclectic interiors.


Knobbles and Bobbles stock hooks in rose gold for those households that want to remain vintage and antique, with a hint of colour and class.


To buy your very own hooks, browse our collection, pick which hooks you'd like and click add to your cart, it's really that simple. All our hooks are handcrafted and handpainted, you will also qualify for FREE delivery on orders over £60.


**Please note: Hooks are made to order and non-returnable due to their bespoke nature**