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Cupboard Handles & Knobs

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Door Knob Sets

Stuck for choice? Weve put together a variety of door knob sets that you can coordinate with any room you have in mind.

Why might you want to go for a set of door knobs? Perhaps youve got a certain colour theme or style that you would like to go for, and would like a simple way to find which door knobs work well with each other. Weve got you covered.

Our sets of door knobs come in 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 30 or more, so you can put together your decor with ease. They also make great gifts, so whether youd like to choose a set for yourself or a loved one, you can find them all on this page.

Weve got a massive range of ceramic door knobs that go from bold and bright, antique, and even shabby chic styles.

Simply browse our sets, choose your favourites and click to buy thats it!

Cupboard Handles & Knobs

Cupboard door knobs and handles deal with a lot of wear and tear. The constant opening and shutting of bathroom and kitchen cupboards can mean that they look their appeal over time. This is especially true if you have simplistic and plain cupboard knobs. Anyone eager to update their home or replace worn knobs and handles will find plenty of options here on Knobbles & Bobbles.

Buying cupboard door knobs

We have listened to our customers about what it is that they want, and so all of our items have been selected with care. You no longer have to go searching through pages of search engines to find your perfect knob.

Got a few cupboard doors you want to update? With free delivery on orders over £60, you can save money and get the items you need quickly.

Cupboard knob sets

For rooms with many cupboards, such as kitchens and bedrooms, you might find it easier to buy cupboard knot sets. These sets come with a varied number of knobs in them to suit your needs. We have stylish hand-painted ceramic, glass knobs, and flat knobs to fit perfectly into your home.

Modern cupboard knobs

The modern home often has a minimalist vibe. To match this aesthetic, homeowners are choosing modern fittings for their furnishings. Metal handles, like copper cupboard knobs and chrome knobs, add a stylish touch to cupboards. Stone knobs can bring out the cool atmosphere of a room without drawing all of the attention.

Antique cupboard knobs

If you have a vintage bathroom or kitchen set-up and want to make sure your new cupboards are in keeping with them, antique cupboard knobs can help. With a variety to choose from, from brass cabinet knobs to stylish backplates, you can give your home the aesthetic it deserves.

Fitting cupboard knobs with ease

Knobs for cupboard doors are designed to be easy to fit. The majority screw into your door without any fuss, so you can transform your home in a matter of seconds! They are a cheap solution with a big impact. Got some questions about shipping or items on the site? Contact us for further information.