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The Beginners Guide to Kitchen Renovation

Whether you’re looking for a fresh lease of life in your kitchen having spent more time in their over lockdown or your kitchen just needs a facelift, we here at Knobbles & Bobbles have come up with a guide to help you refurbish your kitchen without it costing a fortune!

With a full kitchen renovation costing somewhere in the region of £5,700-£17,100 on average, refurbishing your kitchen may be a far safer bet, with costs looking more in the region of £888-£3,000 on average, making this a far more cost-effective way of giving your kitchen a new lease of life.

Here are a few quick ideas on what changes you can make quickly without too much upheaval; we will cover it in more detail later on;

  • Paint your walls – A fresh coat of paint will bring a new lease of life to your kitchen walls
  • Replace the old worktops with new, complimentary coloured worktops for a real wow factor upon entering your kitchen
  • Refurbish your kitchen cabinets] – you can re-varnish or paint your cabinet for an easy refresh, this will also allow you to match your colours to the worktops, for a nice contrast which will jazz up your whole kitchen
  • Update your knobs – Your kitchen cabinets and door knobs could be very outdated and don’t reflect the vibe of your kitchen space, so an easy way to change that is to replace them.
  • Improve the lighting – Some kitchens are dark and drab places, especially if you live in apartments and flats, so a quick and easy way to refurb your kitchen is to improve the lighting.
  • Space Management – You may have crowded worktops so be more creative in your space management. You can install shelves, racks on the walls and loads of other space-saving appliances.
  • Accessorise – Adding little homeware accessories to your kitchen can really make it yours, this can be as simple as adding door stops, light pulls, coasters and placemats. These will all add fresh elements to your kitchen and give it an overall uplift in terms of how it looks.
  • Mirroring your space – Make your space seem bigger than it is with mirrors, this can also help with the overall lighting in your kitchen.
  • Go green – Adding some greenery to your kitchen can make the whole room look more alive. It could be as simple as having fresh herbs!

Plan Ahead

A good starting point is to look at the whole of your kitchen and decide what it is you are wanting to achieve out of the refurbishment. Are you looking for a more colourful kitchen or are you trying to tone down your kitchen to make it more work-appropriate? Either way looking at the kitchen as a whole is a great way to define your project goals.

Paint, paint, paint

One sure-fire way to give your kitchen an uplift is by painting it. A couple of coats of paint can do wonders for the look and feel of your kitchen space. A really good way to give your kitchen a new feel to it is to go for neutral colours on the walls and then a complimentary contrasting colour on your cabinets, making the whole room more vibrant. 

Cabinet Reshuffle

If you are looking at refurbishing your cabinets, then don’t just refurbish the paint work have a look at the handles and ask whether they are a true reflection of your vision, if not then change them to something that fits. This is also the same for any doors in and out of the kitchen, a fresh coat of paint, new door knob and even a set of hooks on the back of the door for easy storage can make a world of difference.

Leave a Light On

One way to give your kitchen a refurbished feel without too much effort is to improve the lighting. If your kitchen doesn’t get a load of natural light, then some soft kitchen lighting can give the feel of sunlight, brightening up your kitchen instantly. To do this you can either look at the in-built lighting in the kitchen or you can supplement it with cotton ball lights or other hangable lighting, which will also give an added element of decoration to your kitchen.

One other way to lighten your kitchen up is to install under cabinet lights, this will give less of a shadowed effect on your work surfaces and just reduce the darker areas within your kitchen.

Maximise your Space

Space management is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to refurbish your kitchen. This can be done by making better use of the space you have, and one of the quickest ways of doing this is to add shelving or racking to your kitchen walls. By doing this you can free up precious worktop space, plus it is a really nice way to add some character to your kitchen space. If shelving isn’t an option for you then adding hooks to the backs of doors or even to cabinets can be an effective way of managing your space and can be vital to your kitchen refurbishment.

Adding a mirror is a great way to give the illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it actually is, leaving you feeling less boxed in.

Potty for Plants

Add some valuable shrubbery to your kitchen set up with the use of plants. Spider plants are a popular kitchen plant as they are robust and can add a really nice rainforest feel to your kitchen, this will be great over the winter months when the world is a little greyer outside. Having a miniature herb garden will add some practical life to your kitchen and will also smell great year-round!

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