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Interior Design Around The World

Want to know how countries around the world approach interior design?

Of course you do!

Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your own space or just want to know how much the French are forking out on their sofas, we have got it all in this infographic.

Featuring key characteristics of seven countries, including England, Spain, France, Japan, India, South Africa, and America, along with some interesting spending statistics, have a look at how different countries around the world stack up against each other when it comes to designing their homes.

Key figures

  • Japan spends the most on furniture and home maintenance, with around £893 being spent per person. The least amount spent goes to South Africa, who spend a modest £282 on theirs.
  • On average, Britons will spend £36,000 on interior design in their lifetime. That puts them first place, ahead of the like of France in second place, who spend just under £32,000, and Spain coming third, spending about £21,700.

interior design around the world


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