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Bedroom Room Door Knobs

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Mortice Knob - Moroccan Red (Silver)

A Pair of striking red and white mortice room door knobs.

Mortice Knobs - Brown with Black Flowers

Classical and beautiful, brown rooms door knobs with black flower pattern.

Mortice Knobs - Etched Hearts (Silver)

Pretty etched hearts design of ceramic room door knob.

Mortice knobs - Green Embossed (Silver)

A pair of pretty, green embossed, ceramic door knobs.

Mortice Knobs - Pure White

A pair of room door knobs for the purists! Lovely white ceramic door turners that will match any decor.


Bedroom Door Knobs 


Here at Knobbles and Bobbles, we have stock for every kind of interior, design and colour scheme. Shop our exclusive bedroom door knobs range to find handmade, unique door knobs for every kind of bedroom door. 

We offer quirky, fun door knobs for children’s bedrooms and nurseries, whilst also having more stylish, calming bedroom doorknobs on the other side of the spectrum, for adult bedrooms and older children.


All of our bedroom door knobs are handmade and unique from one another meaning you’ll never find a household with the same bedroom door knobs as your own! Shop our detailed, exclusive, range today and find something for every bedroom.


Door Knobs for Your Bedroom


Decorating your bedroom effectively can be made so much easier by choosing the right door knobs for your interior. We understand that when it comes to interior design every detail counts.


Something as small and simple as a door knob can help bring an entire aesthetic together in your bedroom. Each door knob is hand made so you can be sure that you're buying a product that has been created with love and passion and will not be found in any other home interior. 


The door knob is the first thing people touch when entering the bedroom so make sure it fits with the style of your design, and bring your bedroom to life. 


Shop our bedroom door knobs today and receive free delivery on orders over £60. All items are dispatched fast from our UK warehouse.